Thursday, July 05, 2012

Belgian chocolate trio cake set @ Saint Honore

Walked past the Wan Chai branch and saw these Belgian Trio cakes which were not labelled, so I had to go in the shop and ask what each of them were.

Later I went past a branch in Central and they were all labelled and it had the price as a set or individually.
They can be bought individually or the whole set for $68.
All the flavours were unique in their own way so I decided to get the whole set.

The cakes were appealing and visually attractive but not appetising because it just looked like dense heavy chocolate!

Chocolate honey mousse
This cake was the shape of an inverted cone with two layers. The taste of honey was faint and it was similar to tiramisu but with more proportion of sponge and dense chocolate mousse.
Chocolate and cherry
The lilac drop on top which had fallen off was a piece of marshmallow.
On top of the cake was a piece of cherry, and some cherry sauce beneath it with real pieces of cherry.
The cake was slightly similar to a black forest cake with a layer of cherry in the middle but not much.
Chocolate and banana cup
I was expecting this one to taste the worst because I don't really like banana but it was actually quite nice.
It had a real piece of banana in the middle and some pudding like layer.
I havent tried the Saint Honre's banana and chocolate cake but I reckon it tastes similar.

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