Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green tea mania @ Sinmei

The decor of this place is really nice featuring lots of traditional Chinese teaware and prized tea leaves. They even have their own brands. I ordered the matcha snow white which has ice-cream floating on top and the Rose Island.
matcha snow white I was really impressed with the drink, the sweetness was just right and even after the ice-cream melted it did not make the drink too sweet.
First I drank the green tea and left half of it to mix with the ice-cream to get two different tastes.
The green tea was not too bitter or grassy which was good.
Rose Island
This drink was fun, it comes with Perrier to be added in the drink. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I wanted to try the food as well but I had dinner afterwards so I couldnt, it was so nice of them to let me try their earl grey cup cake and it was delicious, the earl grey was really strong and I loved the icing on top.
It really reminded me of the cupcakes at school.
While I was sitting there I could smell their cooked eggs which made me hungry so next time I shall order their eggs.
Basically there are so many different matcha drinks here to try!!
Matcha with cinammon!

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