Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gateaux Roule vs Juchheim's baumkuchen

Before Juchheim opened in Hong Kong, this shop was opened quite a few years ago but I never bought any cakes from there.
I am quite surprised this shop is still under operation because I don't often see people buying from there.

But since I have already tried Juchheim's I decided to try Gateaux Roule as well which is cheaper and as you can see you get a whole cup filled to the lid for $24!!
They had green tea, chocolate and original flavours and they also had Rolls which were dipped in icing sugar.

I chose the chocolate one.
The cake was not as soft as Jucheim's but I preferred Gateaux Roule's chocolate taste, but both brands did not wow me and I would not buy both again, however the packaged one at 7-11 tastes much better probably because of the caramel latte flavour and the softness.

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