Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prawn dumplings and Sharks fin dumplings @ 嘴兒甜

Had a craving for prawn dumplings and this place happened to have it when I walked past so decided to go in for it.
This joint has another branch in Yuen Long which is quite a different location to Tai Hang.

I had forgotten about those usual habits such as washing chopsticks and cups until the staff placed a set of utensils with water to clean them.
I suppose it was good because Chinese tea was not compulsory but it only costs $3 for a pot of tea which was good.
While I was browsing the menu found out they had sharks fin dumpling so ordered that as well.

Prawn dumplings
I thought there would be four per steamer but there was only three.
Anyway the filling was nice but I did not like the dumpling skin, it was too elastic and chewy, the same type they use for Chiuchow style dumplings.
Sharks fin dumplings
This was really nice but there was a weird taste to it which I got rid of by adding worcester sauce.

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