Friday, August 24, 2012

C'est la Vie @ C'est la B

I have always wanted to go to the branch in Central but I never managed to find it, but luckily there is a branch in Tai Hang which was great. But now there is another branch in Admiralty.

I nearly walked past this place because it was black and dark.

As expected, it was visually stunning inside, lots of black with colourful butterflies, cushions and chairs to contrast it.
The layout of the Admiralty branch is almost the same as this one too.

Even the cutlery they had matched the cake house. Their cutlery was dark shiny black chrome which gives it an expensive touch to it compared to normal silverware and it really fits in with the black theme.
On the wall were a display of colourful acrylic cake servers.
On the left they had lovely hanging teaware lights and pretty butterflies on the ceiling.
Anyway finally went to choose my cakes, there were so many colourful artisan cakes on display.
However they were not labelled so it was a bit intimidating to ask about every cake and luckily it was not busy that time.
I wish they were labelled because it would make my life easier making the right choice because they were expensive too.
I checked the photos for the Admiralty branch and the cakes are not labelled there as well.
I thought it was a waste of great ideas as well because according to the reviews and their website, each cake has a special and beautiful name which was not labelled.

I only found out the cake names from the previous reviews.
Madame Butterfly:
This was visually stunning and since it was not busy that day, the lady was able to tell me what each layer was.
The red was beet root, the pastel green was pistachio and the last layer was chocolate.
Overall I loved this cake, the sweetness was light and the cake was super soft.
The dried apricots at the top were nice too and a better ingredient to use than mango.
I liked this one too it was lemon and poppy seed which was so refreshing.
The poppy seed was a good complement to the light lemon cake and gave it some slight crisp texture.
Next time I will get a takeout from the Admiralty branch as well because the cake box is so beautiful, for special occaisions the cake come with a funky cake server knife and candles, for pictures of the box and candles see the other reviews.

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