Friday, August 03, 2012

Steamed cake @ 潮人飯堂 T.Pot Bristol

Deep fried vegetables coated in salted egg yolk and batter
Usually they coat prawns in salted egg yolk but here they have used aubergines and pumpkins.
In terms of cholestral it is not as high as the prawn version because vegetables are used instead of prawns but it was very oily and greasy from the frying.
The aubergines and pumpkins had shrunk inside when it was fried, so it was mainly batter and some slight powdery egg yolk.
Overall I did not like it because it was just eating fried oily batter with some powdery egg yolk.
Steamed cake
Surprisingly this was quite nice, it was not very Chinese which was good, it had sliced almonds on the top and strong cinnamon in the cake mixture.

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