Friday, August 24, 2012

Soft scrambled egg curry @ Izumi Curry

When they had their first restaurant at Tsim Sha Tsui I never noticed it on OpenRice because the eggs at that branch did not look so good, but after seeing the photos of food from this place, their eggs looked really nice.
I just assumed the Japanese style eggs would be the omelette type which are tasteless.

Anyway I just came here for the egg so if the curry was good then it would be a bonus.

I also wanted to try the scotch egg which I will try next time, the only big regret was not ordering extra cheese because it looked like melted chedder cheese and not tasteless mozarella cheese.

Tried two curries: Beef curry and Soft scrambled egg curry.

As this place has just newly opened the Suntory brand oolong tea was complimentary.
The style is similar to the usual Japanese restaurant where the cutlery and tissues are contained in a small tray, however there was only one piece of tissue between two people (for the wet tissues there was two).
A glass of water was provided.

The ceiling was nice and high with nice decor.
Beef curry:
The portion was quite small, but the curry sauce was nicer than the one for the soft scrambled egg which had a darker colour and tasted spicier.
Soft scrambled egg curry
The curry sauce was disappointing because it did not taste as good as CoCo Ichibanya which is less expensive.
The staff did not offer the level of spicyness of the curry which seems to be an option from the menu.
The curry was definately different to the one used in the beef curry because the beef one was sweeter.
But since I came just for the egg, the egg was what I expected but slightly bland and there was no salt on the table to give it taste.
I really regretted not ordered the one with cheese because it might have been a nice combination.

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