Friday, August 24, 2012

Appauling food and customer service at the Golden pond

I have always wanted to try this place because they specialise in seafood and lobster with E-Fu noodles.
I was intending to try their E-fu noodles with lobster and the crabs.

Anyway when I got there the service was not particularly welcoming and when I asked about how their noodles were cooked they were really rude and just regurgitated the menu.
I did not know the difference between 燴伊麵 and 湯伊麵.
The answer I got was "燴就係燴羅, 湯就係湯伊麵羅," so as I did not know if the 燴伊麵 had sauce, so I asked if it had sauce and she answered in a sarcastic way, "of course it has sauce".
In English I was roughly trying to ask the two different methods they used to cook the noodles and the answer I got back was roughly "stir-fried means stir-fried and boiled means boiled" so if you don't know what boiled means they do not really help by repeating the the word boiled, it would be more helpful if they explained the process.

Apart from their atitude, I loved it the way the menu had atitude too, it states clearly there are no free drinks or soups included after lunch time!
In the end I just ordered two noodles and skipped the crab because I might as well spend the money elsewhere.

Lobster with E-Fu noodles 燴伊麵 [wui style]:
When it came the E-Fu noodles were covered with clear gravy topped with slices of lobster.
I was expecting the lobster to come in its shell! Perhaps only the baked version comes in its shell.
There was not much lobster meat, luckily the noodles were not rancid, but the gravy was quite salty.
Scallops in black bean garlic sauce with E-fu noodles
This was really nice because the steamed garlic sauce went on the noodles but the scallops were extremely tiny and I was expecting them to be bigger according to previous reviews.
The ovaries/roe part was almost invisible, after they were removed you could see how tiny the scallops were.
For both noodles, the amount of vegtables were amazingly stingy if you look at the previous reviews.
I chose this place because the picture showed lots of vegetables which led me to think you could get a balanced meal here.

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