Friday, August 24, 2012

$20 Indomie noodles with grass jelly drink

I ordered the indomie noodles here because it was fun seeing people have fun putting in the powder and condiments themselves.
The condiments are served separately saving time for the chef and letting the customers have the fun of adding the condiments in the noodles.

The noodles were hot when they were brought over, however because of the strong air conditioning I had to add the condiments swiftly before the noodles got cold.
Basically there are four sachets: chili sauce, thick sweet/bitter soy sauce, oil and some powder flavouring.
I should have added less powder because it was quite salty but overall the noodles tasted nice however these noodles are quite coarse and hard.

It was really good they supplied a pair of scissors to cut the sachets.
After finishing the noodles I had the grass jelly drink which was too sweet for my liking so I only ate the grass jelly cubes and the amount of grass jelly in the drink was quite generous.

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