Friday, August 24, 2012

The golden x confusion at 金X庭京川滬菜館

I have always dined at the Modern China Restaurant in Diamond Hill and the food has always been great, but then a branch called Golden Shanghai opened in Hang Hau (which is now closed).
As I did not look at the English name I did not know they were different restaurants because the food was almost 99% the same except for the teapot.

I did not know they were different restaurants until I tried to search Modern China on OpenRice because there was less branches and the Hang Hau branch was missing.

Then on OpenRice I found out the second Chinese character was different:
庭京川滬菜館 Golden shanghai cuisine
滿庭京川滬菜館 Modern China Restaurant

Anyway, this branch of Modern China is also good and the manager Pexxx Kxx is really friendly and gave expert advice for choosing the dishes.
Apart from the food, the Chinese teas were also interesting it had ginseng in it which had a sweet aftertaste.

Had the starters which were presented in a nice array of china.
The jellied meat was interesting and the drunken chicken was my favourite.
For the vegetables had the purple potatoes with some Chinese greens.
The fish was the best, it was not too sweet or sour and the fish meat was tender
Lastly the prawns were really good and the taste was delicate and the prawns had a nice gel like coating on them.
I also tried the souffle ball which I did not take a picture of but it was interesting, the filling was red beans and banana.

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