Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Italian style grilled skewers @ Saizeriya

Tried the new skewers here which reminded me of the satays served with peanut sauce because the ones here were also served in peanut sauce.
The satays come in fours or eights.

Although it was Italian style I felt that it was quite Malaysian because of the satay sauce but only Italianised because of the onion sauce.
On the menu, you can see part of the name has been tippexed out, on closer inspection it looks like the word chicken has been tippexed out.

When I ordered, I asked what meat it was because it does not say on the menu and it turns out to be pork so I ordered four skewers only, had it been chicken I would have ordered eight.

Apart from me, I found other people asking whether it was chicken and getting disappointed when they found out it was pork.
Italian style grilled stick
The pork itself was relatively moist but some pieces came with fat which I thought were onion because it was white.

The two sauces that came with it were sour onions in oil and satay sauce.
The satay sauce tasted the better of the two.

The satay sticks looked like if they were reused because of the blackness of the skewers, I doubt they could get that black in one grilling without the meat being more grilled than the sticks!!
piece of fat on top and da black skewers
piece of fat on top and da black skewers

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