Friday, August 24, 2012

C-In Drinks @ Ginza Plaza

C-In drinks is located at the basement of Ginza Plaza, a convenient and good location for shop keepers and shoppers at Ginza Plaza who get thirsty and a little peckish.
Although I recieved the invitation a while ago when they opened, I only managed to go recently and they are doing quite well.
They already have regular customers with a VIP card that allows them to get discounts.

Before going I checked out their website to see what drinks and snacks, I was quite looking forward to some local Taiwanese snack however it was not available yet.
Although I am not sure what the snack is meant to be, but it looks like some rice in glutinous dumpling.
I tried the taro milk bubble and thick toast with chocolate.

The taro drink was really nice, instead of pearls they had taro flavoured coco de nata which matched the taste more.
The toast was nice and thick, however I felt there was too much sauce which made it too sweet and difficult to handle if you are not sitting down.
But overall I liked the toast.
C-In drinks was established in Taiwan since 2008 and now they are in Hong Kong!
On my next visit I am going to try the chocolate series with cream.
The staff were really good because they asked the shop next door to turn down the volume as it was too loud instead of asking the customer and the people on the phone to speak louder.

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