Friday, August 24, 2012

Honey Cajun chicken mozz walnut apple sauce wrap

I used to like the food at the Wan Chai branch before they closed down, so I rarely go to Oliver's these days.

Anyway happened to be nearby so decided to try the Honey Cajun chicken mozzarella walnut apple sauce wrap. I was really disappointed because it did'nt taste as nice as I was expecting.
The apple sauce was too sweet and the overall taste was too salty and what made it worse was that it was quite expensive.
I just felt that the tastes had been adjusted to suit the locals especially with its location in Shatin. It would have tasted great if the flavouring was not so intense because the paring of apple, walnuts and cajin chicken were good.
If they used fresh apples instead of apple sauce it would taste even more refreshing.

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