Friday, August 24, 2012

Goodbye for now and see you at Cyberport

Found out from Spicygal's review that they are going to move to Cyberport so I just had to get their yogurt again.
However found out that they do pizza's as well so I hope to come again and try the pizzas before they move.

Cyberport is really far away so I hope they open another branch, but I think Cyberport would be a good location for them because their vibrant themes and designs would match those settings.

I love their froyos but last time I could only try two flavours so I did not try the original.

This time I ordered the Original Tart and I wished they had Taro too because that was my favourite as well.
The Original Tart had a really nice natrual yogurt taste and for the toppings I chose Honey Mochi which was so lovely and soft and not too sweet.

It was the softest mochi topping I have tried and it was cut to reasonably big size pieces.
I am also really gutted I havent their other wacky froyo flavours such as:
Chocolate mint toothpaste, hazelnut chocolate, pistachio and greet tea!

Anyway, I hope to try their pizza soon before they move because they are all VEGETARIAN!! and I was surprised by the vegetarian beef and chicken ingredients, If I do make it before they move I hope I can try some other froyo flavours too.

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