Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prices have gone up! and its Hot Hot Hot!! @ Sabah

Ordered the tea set: Tom Yum Kung Vermicelli with Orange juice and Pork Bone Tea instant noodles with Coffee.
The Pork bone tea set used to be $25 but now it costs $38.
Pork Bone Tea instant noodles
The broth is always nice with strong dong gwai herbs.
However I do not like the instant noodles they use which are foamy and rough and not springy at all.
Tom Yum Kung Vermicelli with chicken
This was too spicy so if you can eat spicy food this would be the item to pick.
The soup base was really strong and on top of the vermicelli there were lots of onions, chicken and herbs.
If the spicyness could be reduced it would be perfect.
Orange juice
This was freshly squeezed orange juice which was good but unfortunately it was sweetened by syrup.
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