Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cool Lime and cheese and broccoli pie @ Starbucks

Cool lime
The drink looked quite nice when I got it, lots of frothy bubbles on top.
However there was some solid bits which I thought was lime but then it turned out to be plastic when I took it out, perhap part of the lid.
As for the taste, there was nothing wrong with it, but not my cup of tea because it had mint and lemongrass which I do not like but the poster just said Cool Lime so I was expecting Lime to be in it and not those ingredients.
Cheese and broccoli pie
I expected the pie to be nice and cheesy and did not expect to use the ketchup however the pastry had a really strong butter taste and smell so in the end I needed the ketchup because the cheese and broccoli filling was tasteless.

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