Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hot dogs ready in a flash! @ Wing Lok Yuen

Previously I dined here and this time I got takeaway.

When you approach the shop, on the left are a set of stairs which take you down to the restaurant and on the right is the takeaway section.

There was a long queue that day. Last time I did not know you could get a double dog so this time I ordered the double which only costs $12 and for the single $10.
My last visit was in Jan 2011 and now 1.5 years later I was surprised to see the prices are still the same.
Not only that, their ordering system was new to me, but perhaps sentimental to others.
Not sentimental for me in Hong Kong but they remind me of raffle tickets, funfair tickets and cinema tickets.

You could call it high tech or low tech!

Basically they had these really cute pads with $10, $2 printed which I didnt get an opportunity to take a pictures because the service was so efficient.
After you have paid, they will rip these $10, $2 and you collect them and pass them to the collection counter.
Its a bit like cash coupons, so I suppose you could pay today and collect the food another day if they use the same printed pads every day and provided they do not increase the prices.
I wouldnt mind paying for a few and collecting a hot dog when I walk by.

I really regret not taking a photo of these as I never expected the queue to move so fast after I had collected the pieces of paper, but luckily the review below has a picture.

On my way out, the hot dog counter collected the pieces of paper and my hot dog was already ready.

Double hot dog:
The same as before, it had a sweet cucumber sauce inside, and the sausages tastes slightly different to the usual ones, they taste like Chinese luncheon meat wrapped in a sausage.
Last time the sausages were piping hot and really soft inside however this time the sausages were not that hot so I preferred the hotdog last time because the texture was really soft. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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