Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweet treats at Pantry Bread & Pastries

A while ago, there used to be a branch at Causeway Bay.
I remember I made a trip there and bought some cakes and tried to take them home carefully without being bumped about.

Anyway, they now have a shop on Queen Road selling cookies and hotdogs as well.

The cake selection is good but the lego bricks for too colourful for me.

Taro egg white roll:

The roll was quite good and I appreciated that the colour was natrual and not vivid lilac.
It was soft filled with starchy taro filling in the middle but unfortunately it was too sweet.
Apple strudel:
For the strudel, there was a choice of apple, mango or peach.

The strudel was a but strange because it looked more like a puff or a cream slice, but anyway I loved the apple filling in the middle and the delicious cream but again it was too sweet.

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