Monday, June 02, 2014

Ice Cream Gallery has quite a long history in Hong Kong, they started off selling luxurious icecreams in Repulse Bay since 2009.
Back then, their savoury icecreams were not that successful because people were not brave to try new flavours and not willing to spend money on icecream.

I would have tried but Repulse bay was stretching it because it would have meant getting a minibus from CWB and knowing where to get off.

A few years ago, they closed the Repulse bay branch and opened a workshop in Kwun Tong's factory area.
I finally tried ICG with the company of some fellow foodies.
The escargot was my favourite and the other savoury flavours were sweet which I did not like.

With the trend of luxury icecreams becoming popular, they now have a shop at Windsor house.
ICG is the Godfather of local icecreams because they have been running since 2009.

At Windsor house, they had Nitrogen icecream too with funky flavours.

I tried the milk tea egg tart which was a combination of the two things I hate the most in HK, local egg tarts and local milk tea.

Milk tea egg tart:

I was surprised that it was actually quite nice and it was amusing to watch them put half an egg tart into it.

The texture was quite good and not too icy yet silky. There was quite a lot of egg tart in it which balanced the taste of local milk tea which I do not like, whilst the bitterness of the tea balanced the horrible buttery taste of the egg tart base.
Ice Cream Gallery
G16 Windsor House
Causeway Bay

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