Friday, June 13, 2014

McDonald's spicy beef burger with and without sauce

Tried the new SPICY BEEF BURGER a few days ago but found it too spicy so this time I tried it with and without the Malagueta chili sauce.

Strange activities at this branch of McDonalds:

People eating sushi bought from elsewhere and being tutored there.

It was interesting that there were lots of strange activities at this branch ranging from people giving tuition to people eating sushi which was bought from outside!!
Orange punch:

Tried this because it was a new drink but evidently it tasted artificial mixed with canned fruit and it was a syrupy sweet concoction.
Potato wedges:

As usual the potato wedges tasted good.
Spicy beef burger:

With the Malagueta sauce, I found it too spicy but the spicy sauce gave the burger a spicy taste with some creaminess.
Spicy beef burger without sauce:

Without the sauce, the burger did not taste dry because the beef patty for this burger is different, it is softer and I believe it is fattier because it is made with more fat.
Anyway, without the sauce, the burger is still spicy because it contains some chili and spices in the patty which makes it taste like chili con carne.

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