Thursday, June 12, 2014

Second visit to Texas Burger

As said in my previous review I would visit again.

This time I tried the chicken tikka, vegetarian burger and pulled pork burger.
chicken tikka:

The rice was interesting because it had herbs sprinkled on top.

As for the curry, it was very spicy and gets spicier when you eat it.
The only improvement is that the rice could be softer.
Vegetarian burger:

The veggie patty was amazing because it had rice in it and the melted cheese on top was proper cheddar cheese which made it taste like baked cheese and rice.
As well as the patty, the creamy avocado made it more filling and nutritious.
Pulled pork burger:

The pork was sweet and it was pulled nicely, however the sauce can get a bit spicy.
As well as Butcher's club, this is now my favourite haunt for a cheap and filling veggieburger.

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