Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Agreeably fake British fare at Bricklane


I heard of Bricklane ages ago when they opened a branch at TST but from the photos of the food were not really British which was why I never visited.

Then one of the reviews at the Admiralty branch caught my attention because it was titled
"overated fake British" and it really intrigued me to try how fake it was.

Going there was a bloody long trek because it was located at the CITIC Centre.

The cakes were just patisserie style and nothing like a real British cake.
Maybe they should go down to Shortbreadteas and take a look!

After I sat down, I had to wait 7 minutes for the menu.
Another 7 minutes to order, but food came fast though.

Combo breakfast:

Only tried it because it had Yorkshire pudding, black pudding and sausage with the breakfast.
The black pudding was rather different to the usual ones I have had and it had lots of nasty fatty bits in it, while the Yorkshire pudding was too soft and they don't taste like that and the sausage was just weird.

Lastly the Benedict sauce was a bit strange.
Tofu steaks:
This is not really British so I am just commenting on the taste which was actually ok.

The spinach was nicely chopped up mixed with sweet corn pieces and the tofu was coated in a delicious crispy coating.


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