Monday, June 02, 2014

All you can eat dim sum at Zaan

Tried the all you can eat dim sum for $108 which does not include 10% service charge, tea and sauces.
So it rounds up to about $130 per person.

The dim sum creations are quite good but they don't taste as good as they look.
Taro roll stuffed with purple rice:

This was literally a slice of taro with purple glutinous rice in the middle and rolled up.
It was not too sweet but the taro slice was not steamed long enough as it was too hard.
Rice roll with BBQ pork:

It was too oily and the BBQ was not fresh and the colour was too dark.
pork dumpling with mushroom:

In Chinese, it is supposed to be a shao mai but it just looked weird and tasted like fatty pork.
honey and yuzu jelly:

too sweet
Crispy dumpling with sweet and sour sauce:

This was the only decent tasting item.
It was crispy with nicely minced pork and black fungas inside.
prawn dumpling:

The dumplings were quite oily.
marinated chicken feet in vinegar and chili:

The chicken feet were too hard and the chili was too spicy.
baked seafood puff, taro croquette stuffed with prune, crispy milk custard with almond:

Too oily and the pastries had the usual HK style buttery taste.
1/F., The Wesley Hong Kong, 22 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

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