Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Perrier sparkling water

I know it is trivial to review a bottle of Perrier but it is rare that I have breakfast and you won't see me awake before 8am which is why I am sharing this experience.

That day was special because I was invited onboard the USS George Washington so I had to force myself to be at Pier 10 (the temporary) at 7:45am.

Temporary pier at Pier 10

I arrived a bit too early in Central and decided to get something to eat but nothing caught my fancy on the way from the MTR to the pier.

Central at 7am in the morning!!!

As there was a Starbucks nearby, I ended up getting a bottle of Perrier because I had to hydrate myself with a drink.

A very special receipt showing how early it was that morning!

Anyway, the Perrier was ice cold and extremely fizzy that it caused some discomfort at the back of my throat.
It had a slightly savoury and metallic taste.
Pictures of USS George Washington:


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