Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taiwanese delights at Shang Palace

From 18th to 21st June 2014 at Shang Palace, executive Sous Chefs Elvis Chen from Taipei and Max Wang from Tainan will be guest chefs to showcase their signature Taiwanese delicacies available on both the à la carte and set menus.

During the food festival, guests can opt for the special set menu featuring chefs’ recommendations or a wide variety of specialities from the à la carte menu.

Here was what we tried.

Mullet roe, baby abalone, pork ear terrine.

My favourite was the mullet roe because it was thin slices of prawn patty with mullet roe in the middle.
The mullet roe has different colours according to its age.
As for the abalone, it was refreshing with the sauce and the texture was different because it was springy just like whelks.
The pork ear terrine was a bit too spicy because the Sichuan pepper oil was too strong.
Deep fried shrimp rolls:
A-li mountain longan flower honey mustard and cucumber pickles

The shrimp rolls were supposed to be wrapped in pig's skin but they used beancurd skin instead because it was healthier.
The shrimps inside the roll were extremely springy, while the beancurd skin had an amazing crunch complimented by the sweet honey sauce with a mild mustard kick.
Chinese cabbage and bamboo soup with deep fried promfret fillet

The soup was nice and filling with lovely strands of beanshoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo piths and crab meat which went nicely with the crispy fried fish filets on the side.
Steamed spotted garoupa with pineapple bean paste

This was my favourite because it was a chunky piece of delicate fish steamed in tasty pineapple bean sauce.
It was salty and appetising because the aged pineapple begins to give out a wine flavour with a refreshing kick.
Traditional three cup chicken with fresh basil, work fried with soya sauce, rice wine and sesame oil

The pieces of chicken were tender because they were not fried but cooked in a different way infused with the fragrant aroma of fresh basil.
Steamed glutinous rice with whole fresh crab

The steamed crab is served during celebrations in Taiwan, for newborns where they put an egg or a piece of chicken according to the gender of the child.
Taiwanese beef noodle soup

The beef was soft and gelatinous but I found the soup too sweet.
Taichung pineapple cake with mango icecream and longan flower honey

Finished off with a lovely dessert.
Taiwan oolong tea
To end the meal, we had oolong tea which was lovely and strong and helped digestion.
Shang Palace
G/F, Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, 64 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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