Friday, June 20, 2014

Kiss Kiss Panda series

Currently there are 1,600 paper mache pandas designed by Paulo Grangeon on a world tour. These pandas are now in Hong Kong.

Maxims have launched a panda cake series during this panda mania period to support WWF, so for every Kiss Kiss panda cake bought $5 is donated to WWF and $1 is donated if a panda cup is bought.

(for people who read Chinese)

Kiss Kiss panda $168:

This is basically a Rocky road cake in the shape of a white dome decorated with chocolate ears and eyes.
The outer layer is vanilla mousse with another layer of of cake beneath it.
In the middle, it is filled with hazelnuts, marshmallows and crispy chocolate on a bed of light sponge cake with a hard biscuit base.

It was surprisingly nice because the vanilla mousse was not too sweet with soft cake in the middle and yummy marshmallows.
Children are going to love the marshmallows and hazelnut bits in the middle.
panda boy and panda girl dessert cup:

Panda girl dessert cup:

Strawberry mousse and strawberry jelly.
The strawberry mousse is the same except the cake is vanilla cake in the middle with strawberry mousse on top.
Panda boy dessert cup:

Chocolate mousse and chocolate jelly according to the Chinese description.

I was looking forward to the chocolate jelly but it turns out that it was milk pudding at the bottom and chocolate sponge cake in the middle.

Even though it was milk pudding, it was actually quite nice because it balanced the sweetness of the chocolate mousse.
The cup is reusable and the panda card on top can be used as a cute bookmark.

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