Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Bombard your dad with this cake bomb!~!

Maxim's have come up with this really fun cake for Father's day!!

A cake shaped like a BOMB!!!!!

The gimmick sounds cheesy but he's your BEST POP.

It's no ordinary cake because you have to diffuse it as instructed on the flyer.

The cake has several layers, chocolate mousse, French almond popping candy paste, chocolate cake, strawberries covered in thick chocolate cream.

How to diffuse the bomb!!
1) Slice it through the centre horizontally.

2) Slice the upper half of the cake into required portions and feel the blast when you remove the fuse!

3) Use a spoon to indulge the bottom half of the rich chocolate cake.

Upper half of the cake:

Feel the fizz when you eat the cake with popping candy.
I found it rather rich but the popping candy helped to balance that.
Bottom half of the cake:

I liked the bottom half of the cake because there was quite a fair bit of chocolate cake and lots of strawberries.
However the chocolate mousse was a bit too heavy especially when there was a solid chocolate bottom casing.

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