Sunday, June 08, 2014

Affordable dim sum at Ding Dim 1968

Tried this new dim sum restaurant on Elgin road opposite Vbest Tea House which used to be the only Chinese restaurant there.

The prices between Vbest and Ding dim 1968 are very different.There is no 10% service charge but there is a $3 per person tea charge.
Dim sums cost around $2x per basket which is cheap dining in Central.

The restaurant was quite small but evidently successful because it was almost 99% full.

Nice interior and the staff wear Tshirts printed with Ding Dim 1968.

Cute model trolley.
1968 marked the years when the master chef started his dimsum career, nearly half a century ago..

It was impressive that they had a website and Facebook with the menu on there with pictures.

I think they should have a teapot on each table so that diners can refill tea themselves as the staff were quite busy.

Fried dumplings with shrimp and foie gras:

The fried prawn dumpings with foie gras were my favourite because it was light and crispy and the foie gras texture was like pate mousse.
Steamed rice with chicken feet and spareribs:

The rice beneath it was delicious, every grain was flavoured and evenly coated with sauce after it had been steamed.

Steamed chicken feet:

This was interesting because it had CRINKLE CUT CHIPS beneath it.
According to Ding Dim 1968 traditionally chopped potatoes and lotus roots are used, French fries have been an alternative in HK in some restaurants, for below reason:
Chopped potatoes and 蓮藕 are normally used to keep the chicken/pork ribs a-floated (from the oily but tasty sauce) but most of the time they are not eaten and go to waste... French fries, on the contrary, are consumed as observed (similar to poutine!)
Har gau:

The prawn dumpings were nice and springy but a bit salty.
Ding Dim 1968 (moved to the address below) 
59 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: (852) 2326 1968

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