Saturday, June 28, 2014

A double hotdog is not enough

For local hotdogs there are two well known ones in Hong Kong, one is Danish bakery and the other one is Wing Lok Yuen.
They are now both in Central which was why I suddenly remembered this place.

Out of the two, I prefer Wing Lok Yuen because both the bun and Frank taste good.

Here they use the ZWAN brand which is part of the Zwanenberg Food Group from the Netherlands. Zwanenberg Food Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of processed meat products.

You can either get a takeout or dine downstairs.

I was greeted with a blinding almost fluorescent yellow menu contrasted with visually uncomfortable RED borders which have turned orange because it was printed on yellow paper~~!

Before I ordered, I was surprised they gave me a cup of water.

Ordered the double frank hotdog and the Salty lemon tea which I thought did not exist because when I was at Sing heung yuen, I ordered the salty lemon drink and mixed it with tea instead of 7up.
Next time I will order the Salty lemon with water which I did not see earlier.

double hotdog:

The franks were so tweeny weeny and short that there should be at least four per bun.
But anyway, it tastes good because the bun is normal and it was nicely heated with normal tasting Franks.
The only thing I did not like was the sugary thick sauce which I scraped away.
salty lemon tea:

When it came I was surprised the salty lemon had already been mixed in the tea so you could see pieces of salty lemon floating in it.
The taste was not salty or sour enough and it was the most bitter drink I ever drank.
I could not make out whether the bitterness came from the tea or the salty lemon but it was astringent just like detergent!
At this restaurant, they have these really cute teaspoons.

second double hotdog without sauce:

Without the sauce, the hotdog was divine!!!
Next time I am going to bring my own ketchup and mustard!

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