Thursday, June 05, 2014

Only the tea jelly is worth trying at TWG Tea

Came here with high expectations because of its branding, location and price.

It was nice there was a tea guide with all their teas listed in it.

The ambiance was nice which was later disturbed by these loud Mandarin speaking people.

Only posted the croissant because the teas, icecreams did not taste good!
The teas tasted of aroma oils and the tea leaves they used were just brittle teadust which is the lowest possible grading you can get.
The icecreams lacked tea flavour and different flavours tasted really similar.
Croissants with tea jelly and cream:

For the tea jelly, it appears that you are supposed to be given a choice but they did not ask.
Luckily the one I got tasted nice, it had hints of apricot and a refreshing tea aroma which went nicely with the croissant.
It would be great if the croissants were not so oily.


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