Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kee Wah wedding cake coupon

For Chinese weddings you are always given a cake coupon to get cakes from the designated bakery.
They are mostly from Maxim's or Saint Honore so I was surprised when it was from Kee Wah.
The value of the coupon is $62 and it is great that they have non bakery items such as Chinese tea which you can redeem it on.
Great for expats because Chinese cakes just taste weird.

Depending on the tea, there are two prices: $42 or $48.

Got two of the $42 ones and one of the $48.

After taking it out of the tins, you could see why their is a price difference.

Each tea had brewing instructions in Chinese and English.

For the cheaper one (left), it is vacuum packed tightly whereas the more expensive was vacuum sealed.

The more expensive tea leaves are chunkier and flat hence they can't be packed tightly which would otherwise break them.

The cheaper tea.

The tea turned out to be quite strong so more water was needed.

I used two coupons because my expat friend does not like Chinese bakery and we shared the teas!!


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