Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer is here at Gin Sai Japanese Restaurant

Tried the Summer seafood set at Gin Sai which was exquisite as well as a cooler for summer in the quiet side of Wan Chai.
The restaurant has great privacy.

Here was the summer menu we tried which was mainly seafood.

The portions were decent and filling.
Sea urchin, caviar, summer vegetables with dashi jelly.

The starter was wonderful, it was refreshing lily bulb root mash at the base mixed with crunchy vegetables such as beans and onions which flavoured it with natural sweetness.
It was topped with fresh urchin and caviar which was sensational with the savoury cold jelly.
Abalone with seaweed clear soup:

I loved this soup because it was not miso based, the sweet and unami flavours came from the sweet abalone and kelp.
The abalone was soft and sweet.
Sashimi: Toro, Hamachii and Mackerel

After having hot soup, the sashimi was a nice refresher.
It came with freshly grated wasabi which had a earthy taste with the usual mustard kick.
My favourite was the Toro because it was fatty balanced nicely by the soy wasabi sauce.
Grilled sweet fish with herb pepper sauce:

The sauce for this was awesome because the peppery kick was nice and it had a strong citrus flavour with fragrant grounded kinome leaves.
The sweet fishes were slightly bitter but they were enhanced with this lovely sauce.
Hairy crab meat with tosa vinegar jelly

I loved the way the crab meat was presented, it was a pile of crab meat with a side of kelp covered in mouth watering tosa vinegar jelly.
The crab had some tones of ginger in it and the vinegar jelly just made it appetizing, the amount of crab in the portion was impressive and there were no crab shells and the side of kelp was tasty as well as filling.
The tempura turned out really nice especially the fish because they were perfectly fried.
Green eye fish was silky, boneless and delicious and the snapper was gorgeous because it tasted like soft cod and the scales were edible too.

The salts given complimented it nicely especially with the lemon.

Cold inaniwa udon noodles

The udon was nicely chilled because it was surrounded in chunky crushed ice.

After dipping it in lovely soy sauce with seaweed, spring onions it was a lovely filling end to the meal.
Strawberry mousse cake

The dessert was so beautiful, the vibrant reds against the lush green strawberry leaves and brown chocolate cake base, dotted with crunchy chocolate pieces and meringue pieces.
The dessert was a great energizer because of the summery colours and the mousse cake was light paired with fresh strawberries.
Gin Sai Japanese Restaurant
32-38 Cross Lane,
Wan Chai.

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