Thursday, June 11, 2015

DK Cuppa expands with a new branch

Previously tried the other branch but this new branch is much better because they serve salads, drinks and cakes.
As I was having dinner I only had the greek yoghurt cheese cake.

There were five flavours:
Lemon and ginger
Bergamot and grapefruit
Truffle chocolate
Peppermint chocolate

I could only choose the bergamot and grapefruit because I get dizzy with floral scents.
There was a truffle cream lavender latte which looked delicious but again lavender makes me queasy.
bergamot and grapefruit greek yoghurt cheese cake:

It looked slightly different to the product shot because there was no biscuit base but just as well because I don't like the biscuit base.
Anyway the pairing of citrus flavours and bergamot went nicely and the texture was thick and creamy but it was slightly icy.
The lady was really nice and gave me extra fruits on the side
I was also given an earl grey tea cookie which was really fragrant and crumbly.

I will definitely come back to this secret garden soon!
G/F, 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan

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