Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mira Moon, a fine boutique hotel

As well as good food, I love to enjoy myself too.
There are quite a few stylish boutique hotels in Hong Kong and Mira Moon is one of them.

It is part of the Miramar Group, hence the name Mira Moon because they use the Chinese festival mythology as a theme for the hotel and the staff there wear these lovely qipaos (cheongsaams) designed by Grace Choi.

I was really lucky to try their dresses, dine at Super Giant, drink champagne at the champagne bar and experience the Moonshine suite which has gorgeous red sofas in a red and white setting, , black dining table with matching chairs.
Mira Moon is stylish boutique hotel that is a mix of Chinese folklore with Dutch design by Marcel Wanders and creative firm Yoo Studio near Causeway Bay.
Photos of me at the Moonshine suite:

Champagne bar:
The bubbles were free flow at hkd$250.

Secret garden:

Mira Moon,
388 Jaffe Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong; Tel.: +852-2643-8888;

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