Friday, June 05, 2015

Still good at Chuan Xi Restaurant

Since my last visit, the restaurant has changed and the restaurant is like a casual canteen.

Some of the dishes were different so tried the new ones and soup.
Large soup:

This was an earthy soup loaded with mushrooms.

Blueberry mountain yam:

The mountain yam slices were crisp with a sweet blueberry sauce and a hint of freshly chopped mint leaves.
Fragrant sichuan pepper prawns:

The prawns were springy and tasty in a delicious Sichuan pepper sauce but again there was mint in it.
They used to have Sichuan button mushrooms but now they only do the prawn version.
I hope they bring it back because it was a tasty dish.
Vegetables in wolfberry soup:

This was a non spicy dish which was light and soothing.
Pork belly in garlic sauce:

Didn't try this because I don't eat fatty pork!
Spicy mantis prawns:

This was as good as the last visit, the springy mantis prawns had a dry spiciness.
Lamb in red broth:

The lamb was quite spicy, but then as you ate, everything was spicy so it was hard to tell what was the spiciest.
Spicy water frog:

This was my favourite because the frog had a texture like chicken that was silky yet spicy.
It was good there were pieces of cucumber to help sooth the spiciness.
Peach tree gum in soy milk:

For dessert, we had peach tree gum which is sap/resin that oozes from a peach tree.
It doesn't have any taste but it has a crisp jelly texture.

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