Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Premium lobster experience

When I went in this Lobster bar, I thought it was just a place for drinks because there were only three tables and bar.
I couldn’t see the kitchen anywhere so I wondered how they could cook all these wonderful sophisticated seafood dishes.
But sure enough, they were capable because I could smell these wonderful smells while I was looking at the menu.
As there were two of us, we had the lobster sliders and Typhoon shelter lobster.
lobster sliders:

These were surprisingly good because the lobster meat was springy and sweet paired with this sauce that was spicy and delicious.
New Brunswick Lobster – Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter style:

Traditionally, crabs and Mantis prawns have been used for Typhoon shelter dishes but eating crabs and Mantis prawns are difficult.
I like the way, they have Typhoon shelter lobster because it gives this dish a new experience and this is the best Typhoon shelter I have tried.
Normally it does not contain black beans but it was a mix of ginger, spring onions and black beans which is really tasty.

I finished the non lobster remains with bread because it was really tasty.
Guilty Little Pleasures Mini Cupcakes:
Chocolate & Baileys / Mojito / Jack Daniels & Ginger

I loved these mini cupcakes because they were sweet and heavily spiked with alcohol!
The chocolate and Jack Daniels were my favourite.
I will be back very soon!

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