Sunday, June 07, 2015

Cali-Mex invades Causeway Bay

Little Burro used to be the only Mexican place in CWB but now there is Cali-Mex.
Spotted it earlier when they had bright boards around it.

Now they are open!

Tried the breakfast which was only served in the mornings before and now it is served ALL DAY! Hoooray!

All day breakfast Crispy bacon bowl:

I love their bowls but the breakfast bowl is even better because there are fried eggs.
The runny egg yolk with the guacamole and salsa tastes so amazing and beneath the sauces there is tasty Mexican rice and my favourite refried beans.
I also added extra spinach for $8 but it wasn't really necessary because the bacon was good enough as it was crispy and delicious but it would be great if the whole bacon was crispy.
Unfortunately, one of the new pressed juice flavours was sold out so I got a bottle of coke instead.
9-11 Pennington Street

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