Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Big portions at The Grill Room

There are not many Australian restaurants in HK so the only Australian places I have tried are Flames, Seasalt, which serve specific things.
Since I have just tried this place, I intend to try Bellbrook too.

The Grill room is themed by these wolves which actually look like cute foxes.
I love the table sheets, which are so tempting to colour in if I had colouring pencils.

I ended up ordering too much because the portions were really big.
For starters, I chose the sharing board which lets you choose 3 or 4 little bites and the portion was huge.
I had the mushrooms, chicken, clams and calamari.

The calamari came with a lovely yoghurt sauce which was loaded with cucumbers.

Sauteed mushrooms:
The mushrooms were quite creamy and great with toast.

The clams were fresh and juicy with a nice white wine and chili flavouring.

These were crispy pieces of white chicken meat paired with a lovely peri peri sauce dip.

Cauliflower, almonds and crispy garlic:

The cauliflower had a strong buttery aroma and taste.
Slow braised beef cheek ragu fettucine:

The beef was soft and gelatinous as expected but the ragu sauce was a tad too spicy but I loved the cumin that was in it because it is a bit like chili con carne.
I think it should say spicy on the menu because Ragu is not usually spicy.
Crispy pork belly:

It is nice that the chef has marinated the pork belly with kumquat which gives the pork belly an interesting taste.

The buttery caramelized apples tasted great with the smoky pork belly.
Peri peri spring chicken

This tastes just as good as the chicken from Flames.
It was tender, juicy and flavourful.

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