Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Wonderfully Noble at Noble Spice

Ok you win! I have always wanted to come here for the buffet but the hours are impossible for me so came here for dinner.
The food was divine so I was really glad I came and the Manager and Manageress were really really nice.

There were so many choices for egg that I couldn't decide.
Most Indian restaurants don't have that many choices for egg!
There was Masala omelette!!

Vegetarian fried noodles.

In the end I ordered egg fried rice, egg bhurji, Tandoori paneer and vegetable sheekh kebab.
Tandoori paneer and vegetable sheekh kebab:

The Tandoori paneer lacked flavour and the vegetable kebabs were a bit too dry.
egg fried rice:

The egg fried rice was delicious because each grain of rice was distinct and flavoured. The bits of egg were fragrant and delicate with a tad of MSG that made it delicious but not abused.
egg bhurji:

This was scrambled eggs with onions, tomato and spices but the tomato taste is not as strong as it looks but the egg was delicious with the finely chopped onions that gave it a crisp texture.
This was perfect with the rice above!

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