Thursday, June 04, 2015

Casa Lisboa in Hong Kong

Casa Lisboa in Hong Kong
Casa Lisboa Portuguese Restaurant & Bar (Central)
When I first heard of this place I associated it with Macau but Casa Lisboa has been in HK for a while according to the reviews.
It is nice to be able to eat good Portuguese food without going to Macau.

We had a lot of fish which was nice and here was what we had:
Traditional creamy bacalhau:

Tasted like fish pie with parsley so I really loved it because it was creamy and the fish was silky without being too salty.
“Santos populares” style baby sardines:

The baby sardines were delicate and soft with edible bones.
Classic codfish cakes:

These codfish cakes were delicious because there was quite a far bit of cod in it.
Brits will love this because it tastes like a good fishcake!
Poached Atlantic cod with roasted tomato and herbs:

The fish was chunky and flakey covered in rich tomato sauce.
Traditional roasted suckling pig:

The roast suckling pig was soft as expected but a little too dry for my liking.
For big groups, you can order a whole pig but for smaller groups you can order the smaller portion of four pieces.
Baked Portuguese duck rice old style:

This was my first experience of real Portuguese rice which looks nothing like the HongKongized ones covered in weird coloured sauce.
The grains of rice are crispy and al-dente flavoured with duck and there are tasty pieces of duck shreds in it.
Traditional seafood “cataplana”:

Seafood lovers will love this but I wish there was more sauce.
Iberico pork tenderloin and mushroom rice:

I loved the rice because it was in a tasty mushroom gravy and it was like a fusion of risotto and rice in broth.
Portuguese tart:

Although it was quite sweet, I liked the hint of lemon in it.
Normally Portuguese people have this with black coffee to balance the sweetness.
Tigelada, portuguese egg pudding with icecream:

I loved this because there was a strong cinnamon taste.
When you cut it in half, there are lots of capillaries which look like a crumpet, however the texture is much softer and soggy compared to a crumpet.
Casa lisboa apple and raisin sablee with vanilla icecream:

This was a delicate two layered flaky pastry with apple that was soaked in port wine and raisins in between and a top layer of silky egg white that was not too sweet.

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