Monday, June 29, 2015

Hidden sushi gem - Mizuki Japanese Restaurant

I have explored quite a bit of restaurants in Wan Chai but rarely restaurants in commerical buildings that are higher than the first floor.

Ironically, this place used to be S.A.E which was a place I wanted to try.

I was recommended this place by expats and when I got there, the restaurant was filled with Japanese expats and Western expats.

It was encouraging to see blue_balu review this because she only reviews places that are worth visiting.

The food was quite pricey but they had some interesting dishes that were on the seasonal menu.
Started with three appetizers:

Sharks bones which have been cut into small pieces and had a texture like hard cartilage. The sauce was appetizing and they had an interesting chew.

The Sea cucumber in vinegar which I was expecting to be soft had a texture like raw squid but the acidity of the vinegar was nice

Whelk slices in wasabi sauce were nicely spiked with a powerful mustard kick.

Here was what we had for the mains:
Kinki fish:
The fish was salted and dried but the fish was still delicate and moist with a lovely crispy skin.

Noodle salad:

The portion was huge and it was ramen tossed in sesame sauce topped with fish roe.
The noodles reminded me of Chinese chilled noodles called "jung wah lang min".
Sushi platter:
striped jack, kinmedai (金目鯛), fatty tuna, botan shrimp, sea urchin, salmon roe, tuna.

The sushi was fresh and neatly made.
Beef cubes with crispy garlic:

The beef was juicy and lean enhanced by the crispy garlic slices and the side of mash was delicious with bits of vegetables in it.
Red miso soup:

Compared to white miso, this had a stronger soy bean taste balanced by the sweet shimeji mushrooms.
Purple sweet potato dessert from Wasakuraya.

The dessert was velvety and smooth with a natural purple sweet potato taste that was sweet with a savoury aftertaste.

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