Monday, June 01, 2015

Surprisingly good at Congress Plus

I have always wanted to try this place because my friend LLWL who loves to eat and does not post publicly on social media said this place was good.

Prices are about $6xx per person with further discounts when more people dine with you.

The buffet area was spacious and there was a wide range of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Okinawan, Seafood, Desserts.
Cold cuts:

It was impressive they had blood sausage as well.

Japanese crab congee

Grilled beef

Chinese delicacies of fish maw and tendons.

Chinese roast

Puff pastry seafood cup

Indian tikka roll

Mixed grill

I basically couldn't wait to eat so I started on my favourite salad which had seagrapes in a refreshing dressing.

The baby sardines in grated radish was a nice appetizer in a delicious vinegar sauce and the crab congee was light and delicious.

I tried the soybean salad which was sweet with kelp mixed into it.

Next we had seafood which was fresh and my favourite was the tuna.

In the Chinese selection my favourite was the fish maw and tendons which were soft in rich gravy.

The retro skewer has been modernized into a healthy one which does not contain a slice of pork fat, I tried it and I loved the juicy melon and silky chicken liver.

For soup I had the delicious seafood soup which is made to order and it had a lovely strong parsley taste.


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