Sunday, June 28, 2015

Soup curry in K-Town at Samurai の Soup Curry

This is the second soup curry place to open in Hong Kong after Sama curry.
The decor is bright and the music in the background sounds like Reggae and carribean music.
The menu was rather interesting because they serve other items as well such as Indian Lassis!!

The curries are paired with Turmeric rice and the menu was simple and easy to understand.
You choose a broth, spiciness level and meat which is ticked off on the order sheet.

For both curries I chose baby spice but the spiciness of both were different.
Both had the same vegetables in it such as okra, asparagus etc.
Natto Curry (baby spice) :

I liked this but it was too spicy for me.
Lamb burger (baby spice) :
The spiciness of this was just right.
tumeric rice:
The rice went well with the curry but it lacked turmeric flavouring.
Chai lassi: I don't like Indian tea but the chai lassi was really nice because the Indian tea spices were toned down by the lassi.
The consistency of the millkshake was not thick enough compared to other lassis.

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