Friday, June 05, 2015

Not just curries at Curry Box By Tim

I have always wanted to try Curry Box by Tim but from the reviews the curry seems to be very spicy which is why I havent tried it yet, but it is nice that they have rice rolls as an option to pair with curry which is different from rice or bread.

Finally went because I found out there were other non curry options and they had my favourite braised vegetables in red beancurd which can be paired with baguette slices as well.

When I got there, it was empty and there was no one at the counter.

Luckily they opened a few minutes later so I didn’t have to try this other place nearby.
Braised vegetables, fungus and glass noodles in fermented red beancurd:

As expected, it was nice but it was watery so I treated it as a strong vegetable soup.

The vegetables were too soft and the baguette slices were too brown and hard for my liking.

Next time I will try the curry tofu with rice rolls.

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