Tuesday, May 13, 2014

KFC's Congee

Hong Kong's KFC are no good with fried chicken but their Fried Dough sticks were a success.

When they started their Fried Dough sticks a while ago they did not offer congee, but now they do!!!!!

There is a big size and small size.

Chicken congee:
It came in a big plastic bowl.

It was quite impressive because the congee was not oily compared to other places and contained in a sturdy plastic bowl which did not have any CFC odour to it.
The taste was quite good but it was slightly bland with lots of chicken in it that was soft tender white meat.

Fried dough sticks:

The fried dough sticks were as good as before, they were not oily with a fresh soft chewy centre and a crispy exterior.

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