Monday, May 26, 2014

Crispy crackling sesame chicken

Tried this place with some foodies.
It is located at The ONE mall which is near the MTR exit but getting there was troublesome because of the escalators and the way the mall is designed.

The restaurant interior was really nice which tourists would like.

Here was what we tried:
Crispy enoki mushrooms:

In Chinese, these were called Chef's Torture because each strand of enoki mushroom was individually dipped and fried thus a tedious task for the Chef, hence a torture.
Anyway, these crispy morsels were addictive and delicious.
Tofu in abalone sauce:

I loved this bubbling hot dish because it was soft and smooth pieces of tofu in rich abalone sauce that was great with rice.
I also found pieces of Chinese Yunnan ham in it.
Cheese and pumpkin seafood pot:

This was also delicious with rice, it was creamy and the cheese was present but not overly pungent.
Sesame chicken:
The chicken was stunning when it was served.

The pieces of chicken was soft with deliciously flavoured and the chicken skin was coated in crispy aromatic sesame seeds.
Bang Bang Modern Chinese Cuisine
Shop L409, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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