Thursday, May 01, 2014

Tofu day dreaming

This place used to be WTF!XDD which only survived for a short time before closing down.

Anyway, walked past and saw some flowers because it was just opened.
As I did not watch the show, I was not aware it was on this TV show called I AM BOSS which is basically a copy cat of Dragon's Den that was broadcasted ages ago in the UK.

Basically, this place just serves tofu pudding, soy milk, fishballs and shao mai.

They have used the tables to display items just like the shop before.

It was nice that they had quality tissue to use.

The staff seemed like they were daydreaming when I was asking them questions.
Tofu pudding with condensed milk:

The tofu was silky and smooth but I couldn't really taste the soybeans.
As I don't normally have this I don't know if $22 for a bowl was reasonable or not, but I love the place because it is clean, air conditioned and in Central.
Dream Tofa:
Shop 6, G/D., 1 Lyndhurst Terrace,Central

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