Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick stop for food at 米飯班煮

米飯班煮 (荃灣)

This was the last stop for food in Tsuen Wan.

While I was walking past I was attracted by the crispy bun with cheese and tuna which was similar to a pizza except that it had a crispy bun base.

There are two flavours: salted beef and cheese or cheese, tomato and tuna, or you can have both!!!

The salted beef is expected to be good because it reminds me of corned beef.
Talking of corned beef, they had FISH and CHIPS on the menu too.

I loved this crispy bun because it was good served in a different way other than pork chop or condensed milk.
The bun had a lovely crisp crust with a soft centre topped with delicious tuna, cheese and tomato.
I would have loved more cheese though.

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