Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go KART Noodles!!

The last time I had great cart noodles were from HAPPY NOODLE in Happy Valley but sadly that closed down.

Now there is Cartson's Noodle which is going to be great because it is opened by two really cool people who have a touch of Western influence over it.

The restaurant is really modern and chic and the logo says it all!
Designed with thought as well as incorporating the Chinese characters of Cart noodles as well as a pictorial of a real cart.
It features a TOP VIEW of a boy pushing a cart (on the left) which is also part of the Chinese character of the word CAR and the squares represent the the cooking segments in the cart!!

The interior is chic, no more grubby tables and uncomfortable environments.

You can choose to sit at the tables or the bar table.

The bar table makes the joint looks spacious.

Beneath the bar tables, there are hooks for your bags.

To order, you tick what you want, go to the counter and pay then wait for your number on the red display.

Ordering sheets:
There are four combos and my favourite one is the premium combo 2 because it has all my favourites.

Or you can choose a lighter option.

The are three broths:
Angel: tomato
Cartson's secret: mala spicy soup with various spice levels
Devil: fragrant spicy tomato broth

The angel means not spicy while the devil means spicy.

The counter:

Loved the bright plastic bowls for kids

Squid ink noodles :

The presentation of this was just amazing!!
Jet black noodles contrasted by the bright orange squid skewers and the leafy green coriander leaves.

The noodles are not black, but covered in so much black squid ink that it has this strong squid taste.

Whoever has this will get black lips and a black tongue!!
Anyway, the noodles are definitely worth trying.
Premium cart noodles:

I chose this because it had everything in it that I liked from pork knuckles, meat patty, fish roll, onsen egg.

I thought the fish patty was the best because you don't often find it in noodles shops as a topping.
For the noodles I chose Chinese buccatini because it draws more soup.

The soup was lovely with a strong tomato base and spicy tones to it.
Tofu with cumin:

I loved the tofu because the coating is different to the usual fried tofu.
It tasted the same as the Japanese Agedashi tofu which is lightly dusted with potato starch or cornstarch and then deep fried until golden brown.
The one here had lots of cumin giving it a lovely flavour and reminds you of Xinjiang cuisine.

Even though you don't really need it, the sauces were also tempting and creative.
XO sauce with salted fish and the spicy pickled vegetables which were great complementing anything.
Grilled items:

As well as noodles, they do great grilled items, great with beers which they plan sell later.
Prune drink:

I don't normally order this but it was not too sweet and the smoky taste was not that strong.
On my next visit, I am going to try the noodles in sauce with seacucumber and ducks feet.

Cartson's Noodle
Shop C2, G/F, 440 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Causeway Bay

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