Sunday, May 25, 2014

iPot gets better with more choices

Tried this place before, once as a tasting and then came back as a paying customer.

This time tried the new broth and saw some improvements!!!
They now have hot water and plain tea for those who do not want to drink fizzy drinks or sweet teas.

Photos of the restaurant:

The new broth flavours:

Kumquat and chicken
{the pairing of Kumquat and chicken sounds good but I would prefer grapefruit or orange because Kumquat has a strong bitterness.}

Shaoxing wine and chicken

Drinks and hotpot items:

The items I got for my hotpot:

Delicious lean slices of lamb.

Chicken and shaoxing wine hotpot:

It is eaten in a similar way like those chicken pots where you eat the chicken first and add broth to the remaining sauce to make it into a hotpot broth.

After you are done with the chicken, they will put some of that thick sauce in a bowl which you can use later as a dip and they highly recommended the sauce for the glass noodles.
Anyway, I loved the chicken because it was marinated in wine which makes it tender and silky because of the yeast.
It would have been good if there was a fork because it was hard eating big pieces of slippery chicken with bone using chopsticks.
Instant noodles:

There were two types of instant noodles and these were the best because the strands are thinner and it is slightly flavoured so when they become soft, it just adheres the tasty broth and the noodles become really delicious.

What I ate:

They recommended glass vermicelli with the broth which tasted great after more sauce was added but I felt that the instant noodles tasted better.

I definitely like this new broth which will become successful because it is similar to a non spicy version of the chicken pot.
iPot - The Shabu Shabu Expert
G/F, 11 Lau Li Street, Tin Hau

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